"I cannot give enough praise to Sarinea. My RTT sessions with her have been truly transformative. I have tried many other self help modalities but RTT has given me shifts in perspective like nothing else. After my first session with Sarinea I felt like so much baggage from my past was gone. I felt free and emotionally grounded in a way that I have never felt in my life. Sarinea truly makes you feel at ease and comfortable which makes all the difference when doing such profound work. Cannot wait to work with her again!"


Ruby, Los Angeles, CA


"The session showed me exactly what I needed to see, and it's changed everything for me. During these past 60 days, I've still had bad moments or bad days, but they are the normal kind – not the kind that shut down my life and hold me back. I actually have a very distinct vision of who I was vs. who I am/who I am learning to be, and I don't know if I can express enough how much the session has changed my every day life! I am really glad I found you and did this, and I can't thank you enough."


Jirina, Los Angeles, CA

"I worked on my fear of public speaking and I feel so much more confident than ever before! I am relieved that it was so easy and relaxing. I felt comfortable and safe even though I was a bit skeptical of hypnotherapy to begin with. I am amazed that my performance on stage has never been so successful and effortless at connecting with an audience. My longtime friends all mentioned they see a new person, a new me! Each performance since has been powerful and worry-free! I'm forever grateful!"

Dakota, Los Angeles, CA


"After having a very traumatic childbirth and spending 2 years fighting to recover my nervous system that stayed in "fight or flight" mode, I decided to try hypnotherapy. After only 1 session I had a complete nervous system reset. I am much more relaxed, present to my family, my relationship to my partner has improved 1000% and I'm finally happy again! My anxiety is gone! I can breathe again. Sarinea is a gifted healer and her treatment is powerful and done with intention, presence, and depth. I'm very grateful for this guided leap!"

Janini, Los Angeles, CA

"I've just got to tell you that after our session there was an immediate shift in my life for the better. Hard to put into words but very powerful. I still jump/startle easily sometimes but that's no big deal. Things that count are so powerful now... To try to analyze it doesn't work, thus that lack of words, but thank you!"

Lynn, San Carlos, CA

"It's only been a week since our session on money blocks, but I wanted to reach out to let you know that today I was offered my own television show! I know there are no coincidences, and I attribute this to the work we did together, and listening to your recording. Thank you so much!"

Sam, Hollywood, CA